• Photo: Claudia Höhne

Philharmonic to go

Musical serenades for those whose lives are particularly difficult right now

Until the end of June, all performances of the Hamburg State Opera at all venues and all the concerts of the Philharmonic State Orchestra at the Elbphilharmonie are cancelled. This means that many people are missing an element of their lives they have always taken for granted: culture. Our musicians have therefore become very active online, trying to offer some small consolation via digital channels.

Since many older people, however, are unfamiliar with digital technology or lack access to it, members of the orchestra are visiting senior citizens' and nursing homes to surprise residents with a musical serenade, brightening the day of those who are having a hard time, who are lonely, dependent on care or insecure. "Philharmonic to go" is the title of this project: small chamber music formations bring culture back to daily life, at least for a short moment, while scrupulously adhering to the current distancing rules and contact limitations. Interested institutions can email togo@staatsorchester-hamburg.de to apply for one of these visits. The project is intended for senior citizens' residences, but also hospitals and care facilities for children, teenagers and people with handicaps.

Of course distancing regulations are scrupulously adhered to. Only small ensembles will perform outdoors, in courtyards or gardens, so that gatherings of people can be avoided. The "Philharmonic to go" visits will be planned individually in advance in order to secure compliance with the contact regulations.

A report from NDR television on "Philharmonic to go" you can find here.

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