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Call for Donations

The Philharmonic State Orchestra supports the emergency fund for freelance musicians

Many freelance musicians have had to contend with a severe loss of income because of the cancellation of concert and cultural events due to the coronavirus crisis; some of these losses are so dramatic they threaten entire existences. Since the large publicly-funded orchestras work regularly with guest artists from the freelance scene, it is our wish to offer solidarity and support.

"Support for our freelance colleagues in this terrible crisis is a matter very dear to our hearts. The performance ban has meant that many freelance musicians are struggling to cover even their basic costs of living. Solidarity and team spirit is especially important to us in these times," says Thomas Rühl, member of the Orchestra Board of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra.

After numerous spontaneous donations from individual orchestra members, the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra has also donated 12,000 Euros from its orchestra funds for freelance musicians. The donation will be divided between the emergency fund of the German Orchestra Foundation and the support fund of the Hamburg Culture Foundation. Both institutions support freelance professional musicians, for example under the motto "Art knows no shutdown".

Our musicians, who are citizens of Hamburg, consider their donation to the Hamburg Culture Foundation direct aid to the freelance scene in their hometown. That is why the three major orchestras in Hamburg have donated jointly. Apart from the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra, the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra and the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra are also involved in the call for donations.

Call for donations of the Deutsche Orchester-Stiftung (German Orchestra Foundation)
Donation account: IBAN: DE35 1004 0000 0114 1514 05, reference: Nothilfefonds

Call for donations of the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung (Hamburg Culture Foundation)
Donation account: IBAN: DE24 2012 0000 0052 7570 28, reference: Hilfsfonds

Please help if you can and support the call for donations!

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